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November Sale, 15% off any product

Use Coupon Code  November to get 15% off one item till the end of the month.




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Just In Winter Thick Ultralight Foam Sleeping Pads

A new batch of Plastazote pads in 1/2″ thickness are  in. Very High R value for the weight and comes in double wide sizes for couples or hammock sleepers.

Plastazote Foam. Density 24. Black. Winter Thickness of 1/2″. Waterproof to a Hydrostatic Head of 3500 mm. R value of 2. Without dimples or ridges that collect snow in your snow shelter or rain under your tarp and soak your sleeping bag. Free Shipping in the USA. Three sizes from two person width to torso size. —– Two person size 40x60x1/2″ –weight 15 ounces One person size 20x60x1/2″ –weight 7.5 ounces Torso size 20x40x1/2″ –weight 5 ounces Available in the USA only due to shipping costs on bulky items.


foam and stuffsack

Ultralight foam, 1/2", 2 R

Ultralight foam, 1/2″, 2 R

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New colors of Bargain Drawcord Bivys

Keeps wind, bugs, dirt off you and off of your nice down sleeping bag. Protects your inflatable sleeping pad and you from the damp ground. Great for Scout troops and schools, and those hard on equipment light, simple, inexpensive.

Super breathable top of 1.1 oz ripstop nylon. Waterproof bottom of silicone coated 1.1 oz ripstop nylon. Olive or Marpat digital woodland camo top, black bottom.

Drawcord closure at top. No zipper to wear out, you can draw it around your face to keep out drafts (especially nice for quilt users).

7.15 ounces in weight (7.4 with included tiny stuffsack) Roomy girth of 72″ from head to elbows, then tapering to 26 over it’s 85″ length (from opened top to heel). Drawn closed measures 80″ to heels. Squared footbox is 10″ high.  This gives a 6 ft tall person 8″ total extra for your bag to loft on either end or makes it useable by taller folks in warmer weather.

Stake out loop at bottom to keep it in place when you are out of the bag. Reinforced tie out in middle of the top panel. Tie it up to keep the fabric off your upper body for more ventilation or bug resistance.

Made in the USA of USA fabric. Just $55 with free shipping in the US.

Get em here http://shop.bivysack.com/Bivysack-Bargain-Drawcord-Closure-1BivyBargainDrawcord.htm


Bargain Drawcord Bivy Top, Bottom, Foot, and Stuffsack

Bargain Drawcord Bivy
Top, Bottom, Foot, and Stuffsack


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30d uncoated Marpat Woodland Camo Ripstop

Very breathable fabric for inner tents, quilts, sleeping bags, clothing etc.

Nice blend in Camo.

30d Woodland Marpat.
1.1 oz per yard squared.
Wide 68″
NOT hot calendared and UNcoated but with DWR, you can easily blow through it.
$39 for 15 yards shipped. May be in two pieces due to small roll size.


30d uncoated camo

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Avalanche Dog lowering uniform

Prototype for the Squaw Valley Avi Dogs. Brook the coonhound gives a questioning look.



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Special Deal- silnylon solo tarp $49 shipped

Great little 5×8′ tarp for shelter when traveling fast and light, for the first aid or survival kit, or for outdoor schools sending students out for their solo wilderness experience.

Under 7 ounces and stows to fist size.

Lots of colors.

Blend in colors for stealth or leave no trace camping.

Get ’em here.

FlatTarp1 5x8 solo tarp

FlatTarp1 5×8 solo tarp

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Foam Pads back in stock

I just received a large shipment of closed cell foam pads.

One set is 3/16″ thick and a density of 29. This denser version makes a thin pad tear resistant. Sizes include full length versions for one (20×76″) or two (40×76″) as
well as a torso size (19×40″). The double wide version is often used by hammock campers
for insulation that wraps around the sides where the hammock fabric pushes the sleeping bag insulation flat. This thin foam, while not warm enough for a sleeping pad by itself in cold conditions, is nice to use under an inflatable pad to protect it from punctures and to add some warmth. The torso length pad is good in a day pack for emergencies, as a waterproof sit pad, to add stiffness to a frameless pack and can be cut up for splints or added as cushioning in side the shoes.


The second set of foam is 1/2″ thick with a density of 24. A touch warmer for the
weight, this foam is Waterproof to a Hydrostatic Head of 3500 mm. R value of 2.
Some have found this to be adequate for winter camping. Others double it up for
bitter cold. Sizes 40×60″, 20×60″ and 20×40″.

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