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Duplus 2 person Pyramids Back In Stock



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How To Set Up The NetTarp

Items needed:

  • 4 to 12 stakes (4 minimum with trees for ridgeline tie outs, more stakes needed if windy, snow load or using poles for support)
  • 2 trees, trekking poles, or tarp poles (use of at least one tree is easier to set up for one person, if using poles two people holding poles on each end really speeds things up)
  • 6 cords @ 3′ on corners and middle sides of fabric panel
  • 2 cords @ 6′ on ridge line (having some extra cord is useful for trees spread farther apart, and needed for tarps large enough for more than one person)

First attach the Ridgeline tie out to a tree or pole at a height that allows the netting to sit 4″ on the ground.

I like to use a releasable tautline hitch.

If using a pole for the ridgeline, tie a clove hitch around the top of the pole and then run the line down to a stake on the ground. Adjustable trekking poles make height adjustments easier.

Have someone hold the pole upright and go attach the other ridge line to a pole or tree.

Stake out the four corners at a height that maintains about 4″ of netting laying on the ground.

Adjust cord length using the tautline hitches and by moving stakes so that the tarp is stretched snug with minimum wrinkles. In a wind, you want the tarp to hum, not flap.

If needed, tie out center side points and four corner points on netting. Shepherds crook type stakes work well for the netting. The netting should be snug but not tight along the sides of the tarp (gentle on the netting) and loose on the pleated ends so one can crawl under the netting easily without having to remove a stake.



















































































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Pyramid, Customer Photo

In the San Juans in Colorado. 

-Russell Biser

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Outdoor Privacy Shade/Fabric Test

Shade for a hot spot on the lawn that also blocks one of the neighbors cameras from looking into our backyard. Made of very lightweight 30 denier silicone coated nylon, this will be a good test of the fabric to see how long it holds up to daily UV light.













Other pictures are of another of the neighbor’s camera’s seen looking out from our couch.  Amazing this isn’t against the law. Also amazing is the creepiness of the neighbor. Time for another screen since he placed the camera above our new fence.

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Make Your Own Backpacking Tarp Kits

DIY Kits for 5×8′, 9×9′ and 10×10′ ultralight tarps

How to Video Steps

1 Sew Reinforce Panel Tie Outs

2 Sew Tarp Center Seam, 1st Pass

3 Top Stitch Center Seam, 2nd Pass

4 Sew Reinforced Tie Out to Center of Tarp Along Seam

5 Sewing the hem and inserting reinforcements

6 Sewing on the webbing



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Tarp Kit, DIY 5×8 Backpacking Tarp






You provide the sewing machine, labor and thread.


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Group Tarps on a BSA High Adventure

Great Example of using paddles for tarp poles.

Photos curtesy of Stephen Miller.

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Setting up a pyramid

Correct sequence for quick and easy Pyramid Tarp set up.

Zip and buckle door.

Stake out four corners in a perfect square.

unzip door and put up pole till fabric taut.

zipe and buckle door

add additional tie outs if needed for wind or snow.

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New size solo tarp. 6×9.5 feet

Flat 6×9.5′ long solo tarp shelter for 1. Plenty of coverage without excess weight.

Available in subtle colors or a standout in night and day – orange with white.

8 reinforced web tie outs around hem, and 2 tie outs centered over feet and head.

Price includes shipping in the USA, and a stuff sack.

30 Denier Silnylon various colors weighs 11 oz. 70d double thick silnylon in yellow weighs aprox 20 oz.

One seam along the center running the short distance (side to side lying underneath)

Notes- fabric is NOT flame retardant, keep away from heat and flame.

Tarp 6×9.5′- Buy it here

flat tarp 1.6 6x9.5'

flat tarp 1.6 6×9.5′

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More Cat Tarp 2’s available now with more side tie outs

Cat  Tarp 2 now with 12 tie out points

Cat Tarp 2 now with 12 tie out points

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