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Climbing Protection, Weights of Passive vs Active

Old School cams (friends) matched with the same weight of passive pro. At least 1 of the passive nuts are similar in size to the cam opposite. In other words, you can double the size of your rack (if not the ease and speed of placement) with passive gear, especially tri-cams.

Cams vs nuts by weight



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Setting up a pyramid

Correct sequence for quick and easy Pyramid Tarp set up.

Zip and buckle door.

Stake out four corners in a perfect square.

unzip door and put up pole till fabric taut.

zipe and buckle door

add additional tie outs if needed for wind or snow.

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Tall tent pole from two trek poles and 3 straps

Three straps are included with the pyramid tarps. With these you can make a long pole for setting up a pyramid tarp using two trekking or ski poles. Using adjustable trekking poles makes the tarp pole adjustable too.


two poles 3 straps

Strap thru wrist loops

Layout other straps

Buckle and tighten center strap around poles

Tighten all straps

Place tip protector on pole end

Tip end to protect tent fabric

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Touring skins for skinny skis from old Telemark skins

Ever get the wax completely wrong when XC skiing? Or have to deal with breakable crust when touring?

Taking a beginner out and want them to have success on not so perfect snow or grooming?

I have a pair of old climbing skins from back when telemark skis were long and thin. By slitting them in

half and putting on new glue I have now two pair of skinny skins that will fit classic or skate skis.

After cutting I used a heat gun and a paint scraper to get the old glue off. Then put on new glue. Then I folded the front over 3 inches and insert  a  square ring of the right size to fit the ski tip (a loop of strong cord could also work in a pinch). The glue should hold it, but for extra safety a few stitches of thread made a nice backup.

Make some touring skins


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How to replace a zipper slider

Usually the first part of a zipper to wear out is the slider. The metal wears away over time and no longer pushes the zipper teeth together. Replacing the slider is often a simple matter and takes only a blade or seam ripper and a needle and thread. If you have an Oware product with a worn out slider, contact me and I will send you a new slider for free. Here is a couple of videos on replacing a slider on a bug bivy.

Zip slider replacement Part 1

Zip slider replacement a part 2


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Bought old set of old school climbing pro

Interesting combination of Chouinard 1st 2nd and 3rd Gen Hexcentrics, some unnamed hexes, some Camp/Chouinard Excentrics and a few Eiger Hexes. Add these to my 80’s Hexes and Stoppers and I will be ready for “No Cams Climbing Day” (Once I replace the slings).

Old hexs.

Old hexs.

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LInk to making mini containers from bottle and jar caps.

“What? You don’t save the plastic lids from bottles & jars? What were you thinking? Check the recycling. Now. How else to carry a few vitamins, or cough drops or whatever, without a whole lot of bulk or the risk that the tinfoil will open in your pocket?”


Mini containers made from jar lids.

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