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Bayley Lake, WA in November

Wet and snowy. Plastic boots work great. Lots of animal tracks. Cliff above the lake looks interesting, rock climbing in a warmer season?



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“Dolt” Rock Hammer

made by Bill “Dolt” Feuerer

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Dyneema Thread Knot Test, The Flat Overhand Knot

Will 3 flat overhand knots in Dyneema thread stop a loop from untying under force?

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Big Rock climb at Rocks of Sharon

Down coats, cold fingers, beautiful views north of Spokane.

Top of Big Rock

Top of Big Rock

Big Rock 1121151445-00 1121151432-01

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Dinkey Dome top rope wall topo

Found these climbs with Robert A. on an early season Outward Bound Course. Fun short top rope climbs for Dinkin around.


dinkey dome wall

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