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Bartack vs ZTack in silnylon

Same weight nylon thread. 42 stitch Bartack vs 42 stitch Ztack. Bartack failed by pulling out of 30 denier silnylon at 30 lbs.Bartack vs ztack OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Same weight nylon thread. 42 stitch Bartack vs 42 stitch Ztack. Bartack failed by pulling out of 30 denier silnylon at 30 lbs.



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Case for tent stakes

I bought 4 MSR ground hog stakes for my family to use with a pyramid tarp.
This is a quick simple case you can make to protect the rest of your gear from the stake points.

No drawcord, just a bit of cordura with an opening partly down one side. With 50 feet of light nylon or polyester cord to tie around rocks, logs and trees, I have what I need to anchor the tent in heavy weather.

tent stake case


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Counter Balance Bear Hang

Counter Balance Food Hang

Counter Balance Food Hang

How to hang food using the counter balance with retrieval cord method.

Pick appropriate tree and branch. In bad bear areas a proper tree may dictate where you camp. As you near timber line there may not be tall enough trees, so you must plan ahead. The limb should be about 20+ feet from the ground. Higher is better as bears are less likely to jump off a limb onto the bags if they know they will take a long fall. The bags should hang about 10′ out from the tree. Where the rope goes over the limb, the diameter of the limb should be about the size of your wrist or smaller. Larger and they can climb out the limb, smaller and they can break or chew through the limb. Some bears can get any food hang too. Check with local authorities about food storage methods. Food hangs work best with wild bears that have some fear of humans.

Camping with groups, we had to hang as much as 200 lbs of food each evening. It can take several hours, and several trees, to do it right for that much food. A bear resistant canister may be a safer and easier choice for some folks.


Hear are some custom food hang bags by Oware. Ultralight silnylon and noseeum net made for BackpackingLight.com, and heavy Cordura ones made for various Outdoor Schools.

Note the bright orange throw sacks for holding a rock when setting up, and the cord when not in use. Orange is easier to find if you have a bad throw.

The heavy bags use a reflective loop on the bottom (for a retrieval cord) that can be quickly seen at night with a flashlight when checking for suspicious bear like sounds.

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Customer FlatTarp set up Photos

Grateful to a customer who sent these photos of a FlatTarp set up at several campsites.CustomerFlatTarpPhotos

Imported Photos 00058

Imported Photos 00122

Imported Photos 00121


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New Size Silnylon Tarp 7×9′

Flat tarp 7×9 finished size. A solo tarp shelter for 1 person. 12 reinforced web tie outs around hem, and 1 tie out centered in ridgeline. Price includes shipping in the USA, and a stuff sack. 30 Denier Silnylon with stuffsack weighs 12.4 oz. Free shipping in the USA. Works great with a bivy sack for all weather protection. Notes- fabric is NOT flame retardant, keep away from heat and flame.



FlatTarp7x9 center tie out

FlatTarp7x9 center tie out

flattarp7x9 edge tie out

flattarp7x9 edge tie out


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Oware Drawcord Bivysack Review by ireviewgear.com

“This bivy is great and just what I was looking for and affordable, water resistant yet breathable bivy that will work really well for my 3 season sleep system. After using it quite a bit I really have come to like the draw top closure and not having to worry about an ultra–light zipper snagging on the fabric. It is very simple and does exactly what I need it to do.”



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Sump screen

A sump screen can be a lightweight help in reducing your environmental impact
on the wild places you love. By straining the food particles from your dishwater,
you dissuade animals from digging up the soil where your dishwater is drained,
and help keep them wild and unaccustomed to humans. This is especially important
on popular trails and camping areas. Help keep the chipmunks, marmots, jays, raccoons, skunks, coyotes, deer, and bear safe and out of other users gear.

I like a square panel of noseeum netting leftover from tents and bivysack manufacture.

Sump screen of noseeum netting

Sump screen of noseeum netting

I will send a piece with each order from Oware if you will note you want one in the comment
section of the order.


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Cleats for your running and hiking shoes

Old school mountaineers used metal nails, hobnails, in the leather soles of their boots for
added traction on ice.

Here is a method to do something similar with your running or hiking shoes. You could even
carry this lightweight kit with you into the backcountry for icy trails.

1. Small 1/4″ bit driver. The one shown is mostly plastic and the rest aluminum so
weighs very little. Some multi-tools have this on them as well. A tiny wrench could work.
Chuck one in a drill for quick at home attachments.

2. 1/4″ hex head sheet metal screws. Use the shortest ones you can buy so it won’t go
through the sole to your feet.


Just twist them in. You can remove them for the summer season or when you need to walk
across someone’s hardwood floor.

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Alphamini Photos

Alphamini Photos

Take a pyramid tarp, cut it in half and add an A Frame door and you have the Alphamid TM. Half Pyramid floorless shelter 4×8 by 5′ feet tall. 30d silnylon Weighs 13.5 oz A floorless tarp which is quick to set up, light and inexpensive. A favorite for winter campers, it can be set up over a snow pit for extra roominess. It includes a stuff sack. Use your ski probe poles, hang it from a tree limb or order the separate shock corded pole to set it up. Just clip the buckle at the bottom of the door, zip up the zipper, stake out the four corners evenly and put up the pole. Additional tie outs are on the center seams. The apex is reinforced , the zipper is a #5 coil. The taller steeper pitch sheds snow and rain much better than the competitors shelters as well a providing more headroom. Includes 1 oz. pole connector (3 webbing straps) so you can use two trekking or ski poles to make a height adjustable pole. Fabric is not flame retardant and will burn and melt when in contact with high heat or flame. Keep away from camp stoves, gas lanterns, campfires etc.
Great shelter for Search and Rescue-very light and you can set it up over a prone victom without
moving them. Current color is grey.


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Neo Bivy Now available

Now here. New bivy with side zip and room for a Neo Air pad along with a thick down bag and you.

Various fabrics.




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