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Rescue Bivysack/VBL

Used by Search and Rescue Skiers as a compact and quick tool to get a wet person out of the wind and wet. Wind and waterproof coated nylon sack stops evaporative and convective heat loss for the whole body in a super tough and compact 7 ounce package. The orange colors make a good signaling device and wind sock. Dimensions 85″ length, 71″ shoulder girth, 48″ inch foot girth. Can be compacted to fist size. Also works well as a roomy vapor barrier liner inside a sleeping bag to prevent condensation in the insulation.  Silicone coated 30d type 66 nylon in either blaze orange or black. Group discounts available. Call 888-292-4534 for more info.


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Elephant’s foot sleeping bag Vapor Barrier Liners

Been curious about using a VBL (vapor barrier liner)? Here is an inexpensive and light way to learn about their advantages.

Bring this shorty VBL on your next cold weather trip. At night use it inside your sleeping bag to add warmth.

For cold conditions, wear over long underwear and inside sleeping bag to retain heat and limit insensible perspiration. This will keep your sleeping bag dryer, hence lighter and warmer and also reduce the amount of fluids lost by the body at night, so you have to drink less (melt less snow too). Especially good on extended trips where it is difficult to dry the sleeping bag each day. Also carried by mountaineers and search and rescue team members for quick emergency shelter ( it slows heat loss due to evaporation, convection and radiation).

Possible other uses include slowing heat loss in emersion cases, as a wind sock for helicopter evacuations, as a pack liner, as a solar still, or to keep your bottom half out of wind and weather when on a stand or bivy ledge. Very compact and light. Folds to fist size.

This version is a half bag, just 52″ long.  Made of silicone coated 30d nylon it is sturdier than a trash bag, plastic or mylar versions. Weighs under 4 ounces so there is no great weight penalty to bring it along and in fact your sleeping bag will not pick up as much condensation weight over time. And with a half bag, you can still wear an insulated coat on your top half. Just snug the elastic cord around your waist. Your feet will get warm air flow too, unlike  socks which isolate the feet.

Custom sizes available.

Made in the USA of USA fabric.

Colors, black, blaze orange, olive, silver

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New Product-Sleeping bag liners made from Fleeced Tricot

NEW Product—Sleeping bag liner to add a little extra warmth to your sleep system. Keep your dirty ankles away from that $400 down sleeping bag. Popular with outdoor schools and rental programs to save wear and tear on program issued bags. Lightweight and stretchy Polyester Tricot with a fleeced interior that feels good against the skin and won’t hold moisture. Very breathable. A simple pullover sack with a squared foot section. —-regular up to 5’10”—length 71″ girth 62″,weight 7.5 ounces. (Custom sizes available for Quantity orders of 20 or more, special pricing too) *Attention – NOT flame retardant and will continue to burn once exposed to flame. Do not use near open flame or high heat sources.

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24 years of simple rugged value.

Instructors, Teachers, Ski Patrolers and Outdoor enthusiasts:

Since Fall1985 when I made my first10 large yellow pyramid tarps for Pacific Crest Outward Bound while working there as instructor, I have been building outdoor gear for schools and outdoor folks.

Outward Bound Schools have been my biggest customers so far, ordering tarps, tents, stuff sacks etc. which have stood up to daily year around use. I’ve 17 years experience working as an instructor for several outdoor schools including Outward Bound, so I understand the need for robust gear. Lately, through input from customers, there are many ultralight products offered too.

Famous climbers heading for Patagonia and record setting through hikers have purchased Oware gear, even though sponsered by other companies where they could get gear free.

I use simple designs to keep costs down and durability up. Thread is matched to the fabric type but is generally bonded #46 to #69 nylon which has a breaking strength respectively of aprox. 7 to 10 lbs. per stitch. Fabrics available include Cordura®, pack cloth, Polartech®, Goretex®, eVent®,Epic®, reinforced truck tarp vinyl, urethane coated taffeta, ripstop, and oxford as well as the new ultralight1.1 oz silicone coated nylon. I use lock stitch, bar tack, and over lock sewing machines as well as a shoe patch machine for tough to reach repairs.

Does your school, scout group, ski area, or retail store need something made to your specifications? I especially enjoy developing new products to meet your needs, (quantity orders for special designs keep costs reasonable).

Feel free to contact me about ideas you have.


Dave Olsen


skype too

Steam Donkey

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