New size solo tarp. 6×9.5 feet

Flat 6×9.5′ long solo tarp shelter for 1. Plenty of coverage without excess weight.

Available in subtle colors or a standout in night and day – orange with white.

8 reinforced web tie outs around hem, and 2 tie outs centered over feet and head.

Price includes shipping in the USA, and a stuff sack.

30 Denier Silnylon various colors weighs 11 oz. 70d double thick silnylon in yellow weighs aprox 20 oz.

One seam along the center running the short distance (side to side lying underneath)

Notes- fabric is NOT flame retardant, keep away from heat and flame.

Tarp 6×9.5′- Buy it here

flat tarp 1.6 6x9.5'

flat tarp 1.6 6×9.5′


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