Bayley Lake, WA in November

Wet and snowy. Plastic boots work great. Lots of animal tracks. Cliff above the lake looks interesting, rock climbing in a warmer season?


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Moose changing color for winter?

Whitish legs, black body, brown thick fur to top of back.

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New Swing Above Donner Lake, CA

Two Person Swing someone put up near Donner Summit over looking old Highway 40 and Donner Lake.


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Mica Peak Trail

Nice smooth trail hike, double and single track trails, not far from Spokane. Views of the valley and Mt Spokane.,-117.08782&z=14&b=t&o=f16a%2Cr&n=1,0.25

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“Dolt” Rock Hammer

made by Bill “Dolt” Feuerer

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Setting up a Pyramid Tarp, Printable Directions

Pyramid SetUp

PDF on directions to set up Pyramid and to lash two trekking poles together with provided web straps to make tall tent pole.

Buy pyramids here.

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Pyramid, Customer Photo

In the San Juans in Colorado. 

-Russell Biser

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What kind of animal is that?

Rabbit, Cat, Dog?

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Sagebrush Mariposa Lilly

We called them Sego Lilly as a kid, the Native American Name. This one was near Tum Tum WA on the south side of Long Lake.

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Outdoor Privacy Shade/Fabric Test

Shade for a hot spot on the lawn that also blocks one of the neighbors cameras from looking into our backyard. Made of very lightweight 30 denier silicone coated nylon, this will be a good test of the fabric to see how long it holds up to daily UV light.













Other pictures are of another of the neighbor’s camera’s seen looking out from our couch.  Amazing this isn’t against the law. Also amazing is the creepiness of the neighbor. Time for another screen since he placed the camera above our new fence.

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