Flat Tarps

“Beaks”? We don’t need no stinkin’ beaks!
(or tent stakes or poles for that matter)

Backpacking Tarps

The lightest and most versatile of shelters, and can be used for a place for teaching out of the sun or rain. Their set up can inspire craftsmanship among students. They are used by many major outdoor schools and savvy go light backpackers everywhere. Our tarps are available in various weights of nylon with a thick waterproof coat of urethane or an ultralight silicone coating. To add strength, sewn on webbing loops are used instead of grommets for tying the tarp out  and are also reinforced with an extra layer of fabric at high stress points.  Custom size tarps also available.

Flat Tarps TM
We coined the term “Flat Tarp” to distinguish our rectangular and square tarps from the
tarps with curves (catenary “Cat Tarps”) cut into the seams. A Flat Tarp allows for more pitching
options in many shapes, while a Cat Tarp allows a taunt set up with fewer ties out, but is limited
to a specific shape of shelter. Reinforced center tie outs allow a flat tarp to be set up sealed close to the ground on the sides and one end like the photo. This without the limiting shape of “beaks”. For those who want to go light (pun intended) but enjoy tarp
craft while using natural features to set up camp, a square or rectangular tarp can
be set up in many ways (see bottom of page).

tarpinstructorsetupfront copy

TarpFlyingDiamondfront copytarpdinkTarp Set up copy



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4 responses to “Flat Tarps

  1. Hello! I’ve always wondered how do you do against bugs and insects without the inside net? How much does this tarp weights?


    • While tarps are a bit under gunned for serious insect problems, many people still prefer tarps and
      choose other methods to deal with insects. They may use a combination of head nets, inner tents, insect
      repellant, mild insecticides, bivysacks, and/or a bit of mental adaptation.

      Choice of camp site also has an influence. Some examples:
      Avoid camping near still water sources where mosquitoes breed.
      Set your camp where breeze will carry away the little flying critters.

      The weight of the tarps are posted at my shopping cart site in the detailed
      description of each type of tarp.


  2. It?s exhausting to seek out educated folks on this matter, but you sound like you know what you?re talking about! Thanks


  3. Great information and extremely informative. Thanks for taking the time to write it and post it!


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