Stuffsack Use

Use stuffsacks to organize and protect your gear.

1. Line a large stuffsack with sleeping pad and plastic trash bag.

Stuffsack usage2

2. Stuff sleeping bag inside plastic trash bag.

Stuffsack usage3

3. Add night time gear, extra clothes etc.

Stuffsack usage4

4. Twist top of trash bag closed and drawcord closed the stuffsack. This Tan
stuffsack is made of heavy duty 400 denier pack cloth and is to be strapped to the outside bottom of a frame pack.

Stuffsack usage5

5. This blue lightweight 30 denier stuffsack is to be stuffed into the bottom of an internal frame pack.

Stuffsack usage6

6. Insert the stuffsack vertically into the pack.

Stuffsack usage7

Stuffsack usage8

7. Grab top and bottom of stuffsack and simultaneously push and pull till the
stuffsack is horizontal and squished into the bottom corners of the pack.

Stuffsack usage9

8. Smaller gear needed during the day can be in color coded stuffsacks placed on top of the sleeping gear.

Stuffsack usage10


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