Reinforcing or repairing silicone coated nylon

Cut out patches from silicone nylon to more than cover the area to be reinforced or patched on both
sides and run a bead around the edge of the patches with silcone sealant (clear GE Silicone II or silicone Permatex windshield sealant).

Spread sealant flat over entire surface of the patch, paying extra
attention to the edges, with putty knife.
Spread the patch smooth over damaged area, use a bit of waxed paper underneath the any hole
to it won’t stick to your table etc.

If you are a belt and suspenders type, or are going on a long trek with little
chance of repair facilities, after a 24 hour curing time you can also stitch
around edge of the glue patches and then seal the thread holes with more sealer.
Rounding off the corners of patches (not shown) helps prevent peeling off
of patches.

Patching Silnylon


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