Pyramid Tarps

Pyramid (or Miner’s) Tarp

Proven protection from Oware since 1986

A floorless tarp of traditional lines which is quick to set up, light and inexpensive. A favorite for winter campers, it can be set up over a snow pit for extra roominess. It comes in 3 sizes and several weights of fabric to match your needs for group size and weight versus durability. It includes a stuff sack. Use your ski probe poles, hang it from a tree limb or order the separate shock corded pole to set it up. Just clip the buckle at the bottom of the door, zip up the zipper, stake out the four corners evenly and put up the pole. Additional tie outs are on the center seams. The apex is reinforced with Cordura®, the zipper is a #10 coil, and the zipper flap is 3″ wide and closes with hook and loop and a side release buckle. The silcone model comes with a #8 zipper. Zipper has two pulls to allow ventilation from the top.

Why an OWARE pyramid?

The taller steeper pitch sheds snow and rain much better than the competitors versions as well a providing more headroom. Just ask the outdoor schools that choose them over BD, GL etc. for use in the Cascades, Rockies, and Alaska for all season use.

Includes 1 oz. pole connector (3 webbing straps) so you can use two trekking or ski poles to make a height adjustable pole.

Read about fabric choices and color choices


10x10x6′ 30d Silicone Back View,Corner View,

Customer Photos of 10×10 silicone pyramid by V. Karpenko

1. Before snow

2. After snow

3. Shoveling steps

4. Lots of headroom

No-see-um netting around the bottom perimeter. Silnylon 9×9 with net 28 oz.!

This one is 70d silicone plus for heavy duty use and weight less than 3.5 lbs.

Photo front

Photo door open

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Attention - Silicone Impregnated (coated) nylons are NOT flame retardent 
and will continue to burn once exposed to flame. Do not use near open flame 
or high heat sources.

Get ’em here


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