Product Testing along the Chinese Wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

6 day hike the first part of August.

Large Burn Area with Fireweed flowers first day
Trying out new 30d Urethane coated ground sheet, 1/2″ thick Plastazote foam pad, trekking pole extension using a stick and the Duplus two person pyramid tarp. The ground sheet was a hit. not slippery like the silicone coated fabrics, very light and compact compared to Tyvek and much more durable than plastic sheeting. The 1/2″ Plastazote was very light to carry, put in a stuff sack and strapped to the back of the pack it supported the pack upright when on the ground for easy access to the contents. Plenty warm when sleeping. Lacking a little bit of cushioning when side sleeping on a granite slab.
Pole extension was a small stuff sack used during the day for tent pegs, at night turned inside out with sewn on straps that a stick fit into and could be strapped to a single trekking pole to form an adjustable tent pole
Duplus tarp (center tent) on Larch Hill Pass, the most distant point from our trailhead and at the end of the Chinese Wall. Very windy spot, staked out all hem staking points so the tarp remained standing. Decided the tarp needs one of the mid point tie outs on the back as well as the sides.
Chinese Wall looking south. Some wildfire smoke.
Grotto with waterfall at one of the camp sites. A baby water dipper was learning to swim while we were there. Sat on that main log and dove in time and again while the mother chirped at us from above.
interesting pink rock with ridges. Wonder what forces created this?
Russ and Dan Photo Shoot

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