From the Spirit Forest to the Dragon’s Mouth

Teaching CPR along the Mekong and   Srepok Rivers by Canoe

” The life of a fisherman is dangerous; there are some pretty serious entanglement
issues with nets and of course there are no PFDs. But what I didn’t know until
we started research for this expedition, is that every day on average 6
children drown in Cambodia, and 32 drown in Vietnam (    I don’t
know if the training we can provide will ever save a life, but it might, and
that is what we hope for.   ”

First of all, I would like to thank you for all of your support. Without the gear we got from our sponsors, we probably wouldn’t be able to do this expedition. We are in Cambodia and hope to at least be camping by the Srepok River tomorrow. Our web site and blog are active at though it is unlikely we will be able to post for the next week since it is quite remote. —Again, thanks for everything. We will try to get you all some good pictures of your gear in action posted on our site and for you to use as well.

All the best,


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Garret Cooper Photo

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